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We are on a mission to transform organizational decision-making.

Organizations make better decisions when every employee has the personalized business data they need.

Telemetry was founded by financial and operational leaders who have successfully grown organizations of every size through data-driven decision making and goal-setting. We believe that top teams win when equipped with actionable data specific to their jobs. And that organizations that push financial visibility and accountability down to their operators foster a culture of natural alignment and action. In building our company, we sought to bring these key principles to our customers meaning finance produces more strategic product with far greater efficiency and operators make better, faster, more confident decisions.

We created Telemetry for finance teams and operators alike to bring financial visibility to every employee, allowing each to make better, data-driven decisions.

Telemetry works by automating:

  • the synthesis of data from your ERP, Excel model, and HRIS
  • the allocation of company plans into individual personalized P&Ls, and ultimately,
  • the secure distribution of and collaboration on those plans.

And since Telemetry allows you to keep your operating model in Excel, you can onboard and get value from Telemetry in minutes, not months with no new learning curve.

Our Operating Principles

The Organizational Principle:  Team > Individual
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We put aside our egos and personal recognition to ensure that the light shines on our collective accomplishments, rather than those of any individual.

The Bedrock:  Trust
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It starts with listening before speaking, being appropriately self-critical, displaying humility even in the face of success, and importantly, delivering when relied upon.  It means having your fellow employees’ backs and knowing they have yours.

The Attitude:  Fearless, Flexible, and Optimistic
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We pick one another up, keep our eyes on the road ahead, and have full confidence that we will succeed.

The Outlook Toward Work:  Customer Obsession
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Our lens through which we make decisions: when in doubt, always do whatever benefits the customer the most.

The Vibe:  Loose, Fun, and Gracious
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We liberally thank our fellow employees and spread positivity through open gratitude.  This is a place where you should be proud to be your authentic self and feel a sense of belonging.

The Team-Building Lens:  Diversity
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We embrace people with various opinions, approaches, styles, backgrounds, interests, perspectives, and experiences.

The Extra-Curricular:  Mandatory Work-life Balance
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We strongly encourage — nay, require! — employees to take care of their minds and bodies outside of the workplace by pursuing the pastimes, hobbies, and family activities that make them tick.