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All Telemetry plans come with our class-leading AI tools to help you bull insights, data and analytics from your own financials with simple prompts.
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Double Your Work Product

Save dozens of hours per month for every team or client
  • Leverage AI to quickly answer questions and build analyses
  • Automate the assembly and delivery of
  • Core financial statements with data drilldown
  • Budget vs actual reporting
  • Segment P&Ls for every department, team, or project
  • KPI reporting and visualization
  • Excel & Google Sheets <> ERP data sync
  • AI-driven category matching integrates any new company or client P&L in 15 minutes or less
Product overview - artificial intelligence

Create More Productive Teammates and Clients

Arm every team member with financial data to make better decisions
  • P&Ls built for every operator customized to their specific job
  • AI Assistant answers complex operator or client questions on your behalf
  • Persistent web destination with numbers that are always up-to-date
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