Telemetry FP&A Platform Launches to Fuel Growth and Unlock Financial Performance

Telemetry Finance, Inc. announced today the public launch and general availability of Telemetry – the essential FP&A platform to fuel growth and unlock financial performance.  With Telemetry, finance leaders can easily create, track, and collaborate on financial plans personalized for every stakeholder and every team in your company.  These personalized financials work to drive transparency and accountability inside the organization, align operational efforts, and put the right information in front of your operators so that they can make better, faster, more confident decisions.

The Status Quo is Far From Ideal

Most businesses are simply not set up to build personalized financial plans for their operators.

Accounting and payroll systems where the data lives are the sole purvey of trained finance and HR personnel, so they remain closed off from operators.  Finance must then manually abstract and filter relevant historical detail out of those systems, and merge it with the forward looking projections in spreadsheets before it can be shared.  This time-consuming and error-prone process is hardly repeatable, so it is usually undertaken infrequently or on an ad hoc basis.  In this world, the financials remain trapped in finance.

The negative downstream effects on the organization are significant.  Those business leaders who make daily operational decisions do not have the financial information they need to objectively evaluate tradeoffs or measure their progress against their goals.  They make suboptimal choices as a result, and the collective effect of these less informed decisions sums up to be a drag on the growth and profitability of the organization as a whole.

Some software tools exist to help, but they are usually a fit only for large enterprises given their cost and complexity.  Most require the user to migrate their business model out of Excel to a bespoke cloud modeling tool, meaning it takes weeks or months to get going.

The market needs an elegant, intuitive, and affordable tool that can provide value immediately upon signup.

Telemetry to the Rescue

Telemetry was built with precisely these issues in mind.  It is the first simple and affordable financial planning and automation platform for scaling businesses. 

First, Telemetry creates a 360 degree picture of your business by consolidating and normalizing critical data from three core systems:  Quickbooks, NetSuite, and Xero for historical results; your Excel financial model for forward projections; and your HRIS / payroll system for employee detail.  Next, Telemetry enables you to segment your financials – by department, team, project, location, or product – so that you build a personalized micro P&L for every team leader.  Finally, the Telemetry platform allows finance and operators to collaborate together securely, building alignment and ensuring all parties know where they stand and what’s expected of them.

Importantly, since we allow your model to stay in Excel, you can onboard and start using Telemetry in minutes instead of weeks, and you maintain the flexibility and power of the software you know so well.

Available Today with Free Trial Launch Offer

Our team is ready to support you. We offer both free and more advanced, yet affordable paid plans.  To get going, all you need is an accounting system and a financial model.  Don’t have a model?  We’ll even help you build one.   

Supercharge Your Business with Telemetry

Grow faster and operate more efficiently with Telemetry. Your finance team and operators will thank you!

  • Empower employees to make better decisions
  • Save finance hours every week and focus them on high value work
  • Provide leadership with objective views of performance by department, team, product, and location
  • Outperform your goals with participation from the whole organization
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