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At Telemetry, we believe that financial visibility breeds accountability, and accountability breeds better financial results.  We make it our mission to ensure that every operator at every company has the financial data they need to make better decisions.  Now we are bringing the power of artificial intelligence to further this mission.

The need for scale

Financial experts, be they a member of your in-house finance team or a trusted third party advisor, are a critical partner ensuring that each key piece of actionable information reaches its intended destination.  Unfortunately, these experts’ time is often in short supply and their responsibilities regularly outstrip their capacity.  So how do we bring financial knowhow to the org even when finance is occupied?

AI is here to help

Enter AI.  You’ve been reading about AI’s impact on various industries for months.  Now, for the first time, Telemetry is bringing AI to bear in the SMB finance space.  Telemetry has created an AI that works to ingest your company’s, or your client’s, financial data and allow any authorized team member to query it using natural language.

Our new AI Assistant can answer almost any question about the operating P&L, a separate budget P&L, how the two compare to each other (i.e. budget vs actual), as well as supporting information about the P&L like customer and supplier detail.  It works across any time period in our database, and can even visualize data by creating charts and graphs when prompted.

So what can it do?

Suddenly, business owners have ready access to complex answers in seconds.

• Talking to your sales team and need to know how quarterly revenue came in vs plan?

• Building a board memo and need to do a period-to-period comparison?

• Solving for what vendors are responsible for a decreasing trend in spend?

Telemetry can answer almost any P&L question you have. The possibilities here are endless.

You can see Telemetry’s AI Assistant in action in this two minute video here.

Forthcoming improvements

We know AI today isn’t perfect, so we are constantly working to limit imprecise answers and speed up responses.  You can help by giving feedback when the Assistant gives you an answer that delights or one that you weren’t expecting by signaling thumbs up or down.  Coming soon, we will be expanding the set of information the AI Assistant can cover – currently it only knows about the P&L, so further iterations will understand the balance sheet, cash flow statement, and headcount detail.

How do I get it?

Telemetry’s AI Assistant comes with every one of our plans, so you can try it for free today!  SMBs get a 14 day free trial of Telemetry, and accounting firms can onboard their first client at no cost.  Schedule a demo or get started now.  Happy exploring!

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