What Can Telemetry Do For My Company?

In a few words, Telemetry will save you significant time. . Here we’ll get into how Telemetry makes your company – and you! – operate much more efficiently through enhanced automation, workflow, improved decision making, and financial transparency and accountability.

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Time Savings = More Strategic Output

Finance is notoriously one of the most under-funded groups inside of any organization.  Sales, marketing, and engineering are often where companies will make bigger bets in terms of headcount allocation, leaving finance (and other shared services) constantly playing catch-up and needing to do more with less.

As a result, finance is often left with the suboptimal tradeoff of doing their day-to-day time-consuming tactical work to the standard they are proud of, but deferring or abandoning larger (and frankly more rewarding) strategic work.  This means in the short term the books get balanced and closed, but in the long run the company suffers and finance teams face burnout.

There is a solution.  Telemetry provides finance the ability to automate much of their workflow, allowing them to be more strategic and scalable.

Spreadsheet - ERP Sync

To begin with, Telemetry keeps your operating model fully updated.  One-click sync between your ERP and Excel or Google Sheets means you get back the hours-long process of truing up your model after each closed month or after editing historical transactions.  With Telemetry, any changes you make to future projections also update immediately, obviating the need for tedious cut and paste exercises.

Budget vs Actual Reporting

Another time-consuming process finance undertakes day after day is budget vs actual (“BvA”) reporting. Telemetry allows for simple and structured comparison between any two plans in the system – for instance, between your operating model and your budget file.  In fact, every Telemetry P&L view showcases BvA at the bottom of the report.  You can easily change your target file using a straightforward wizard, meaning you can effortlessly switch between budgets or scenarios.

Data Drill-downs

When a number deviates from its historical trend, it’s imperative to know what’s driving the change.  Telemetry makes data discovery easy by bringing customer and vendor-level detail into its reports.  Simply right-click on any historical number in the platform to get customer or supplier detail on what caused the change.  

Scenario Management

Constructing and managing multiple scenarios requires tremendous organization on the part of finance.  Usually, different scenarios are identified by filename or the folder they are located inside of your file system, often resulting in misplaced files, difficulty selecting the right file amongst a dozen or more versions, or edits happening to an outdated file.  Telemetry instead keeps all your files in chronological order, each nested inside of a specifically-named scenario or plan.  That means you can always find the most current file for each scenario you need.  Sharing is as easy as adding a coworker to a plan – you never have to email spreadsheets, eliminating security and version control headaches.

And creating new scenarios is a snap within Telemetry.  Simply use “Save as a new plan” inside the Excel or Google Sheets plugin to publish a new scenario and share it securely.

Transparency, Accountability, and Better Decisions

Telemetry is an engine for getting the right numbers in front of the right employees so that they can do their job better.  Boosting the transparency of financial results and targets creates increased accountability, and more accountability breeds better financial performance.  Furthermore, financial transparency is an incredible forcing function for aligning various components inside your organization.

So how does this happen in practice?

Segment P&Ls

Far too often, individual employees lack the financial data they need to make informed decisions.  “How much can I spend on marketing?  What is my revenue goal?  What is my team’s wage bill?”  Telemetry’s Sub Plans feature solves this by allowing finance to scalably create segment P&Ls for every team, project, location, department, or initiative inside the company, and then securely share those Sub Plans with the right team members.  This means every operator has persistent and ready access to their financial performance to date, as well as what is expected of them going forward.  When armed with this data, operators make better, faster, more confident decisions.  The organization’s finances improve as a result, and employee satisfaction skyrockets.

At the leadership level, instead of viewing performance solely through the lens of the entire company, with Telemetry finance and the C-suite gain objective views of each of its various business components.  You can now understand the ROI for every team, project, objective, and revenue stream, doubling down on initiatives that are working and identifying areas where more support is needed.

You can always start a free trial today and experience how Telemetry can transform your financial processes >>

Instant Value

Immediate Onboarding

All you need to get going with Telemetry is an administrative login to your ERP.  Data starts to flow immediately while we proactively surface insights that make running your business more efficient.  Forget multi-month onboarding with other tools – ours takes minutes.

Stay in Spreadsheets

Telemetry supports your existing workflow.  Native integrations with Excel and Google Sheets mean that you can keep your business model where it already lives, with no migration required.  You already have deep knowledge of the most powerful business planning tool available – the spreadsheet.  It would be a shame to lose the ability to use all those keyboard shortcuts you spent years learning…

SOC 2 Compliance

Because your finances are some of the most confidential data inside your company, Telemetry has gone the extra mile to ensure your data stays protected.  Telemetry is built with SOC 2 Type 2 compliant enterprise-grade security at its core. That means our systems and processes have been certified by an independent auditor as meeting or exceeding best practices in the industry.  

Transparent, Affordable Pricing; Free Trial

We are proud to make our software available for growing companies without breaking the bank.  We publish our pricing on our site so there are no surprises and offer one-click purchase to speed up your access to the service – no need to talk to a salesperson (unless you want to!).  Plus, with our 14 day free trial, you can use our product risk-free to ensure it’s the right fit before purchase.  Head over to https://www.telemetry.fi/ to get started for free today.

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