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August Release | Custom KPIs, Auto-Mapping, Telemetry Pro

August 9, 2023
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Now available in Telemetry

There has never been a better time to try Telemetry for your business or accounting firm. Our latest feature release will allow you to better track, report, and align any company with your most important KPIs - both financial and non-financial.

Here are a few hand-picked highlights from our latest release:

  • Upload and track custom business KPIs. Any number important to your business can now be tracked, measured, and shared with your team
  • Connect your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements using our Google Sheets extension
  • Companies that use account numbers in their ERP will now automatically map to accounts when connecting in our Excel Add In
  • Our variance tool now includes a downloadable visualization for all your reports
  • Telemetry Pro is now available for all accounting firms!

Custom KPIs + Charts

Does your business track leading indicators such as deal volume, manufacturing units, or user sessions? Any monthly data can now be uploaded via your excel models to report out to your team. Simply map and name the data using Telemetry Add Ins, then create your preferred visualization using our new chart builder!

New Google Sheets Models

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow mapping are now available via Google Sheets extension.  Automate your updates and publish your latest projections and targets to your team on Telemetry.

Auto Line Mapping

Models that use account numbers will now automatically map to accounts when connecting in our Excel Add In.

Variance Visualization

Our variance tool already provides instant analysis against any prior actual, future projection, or company target. We’ve added charts to make it even easier to quickly understand and share with your company.

Telemetry Pro for Accounting Firms

Telemetry Pro ensures your firm stays top of mind with your clients by:

  • Providing a fully firm-branded client portal with logo, color scheme, and personal contact info.
  • Replacing emailed PDFs and file exchanges with a self-service web destination.
  • Onboarding new clients in minutes with an easy and intuitive client management console.

Pro Tips

Download Any Data Table
Telemetry works hard to make your data more accessible to your team. Any data table within the tool can be downloaded for your spreadsheets. Simply use the down arrow icon on any table including statements, reports, variance, sub plans, and drill downs.

Telemetry Staffed OnboardingIf you are looking at the best way to train your team, or help building your first model in Telemetry, our team is always ready to help.

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