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Need a new business forecast? No problem. Let Telemetry do the work.

March 11, 2024
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One of the questions we get most often is “Can Telemetry create my forecasts”?  Historically Telemetry has leveraged spreadsheets to accomplish the plan customization and forecasting. It still does, and will remain a tent-pole component of our platform for advanced modeling automation.  But we believe we can do more to help those advisors and business owners who need something simpler to manage their finances. 

Announcing Telemetry Web Forecasts. We’ve just released an update to the platform that will enable anyone to create a plan with new forecasts directly from your ERP data on the Telemetry web experience. No spreadsheet needed. Build your plan in Telemetry and let Telemetry do the rest.

This new capability will allow you to:

Create new plans and forecasts in minutes.
Simply click “Create New Plan” on your plan index page and select “In Telemetry” to allow Telemetry to quickly create your new plan from actuals.

Build custom forecasts for each account.
Choose from Telemetry’s instant calculation options in either bulk update views or by clicking any line item. Edit and preview the forecast trend.

Close the month and update forecasts in moments.
Following the end of a month, a pending flag will appear on your plan.  Click it and review the incoming actuals and reevaluate forecasts with a single button.

Review and Restore any prior versions of your Web plans.
In the Versions section of any plan. You’ll be able to review the plan before restoring.

Download the plan.
Excel, CSV, or PDF can be downloaded at any time to create a new plan or take it with you.

If you are a bookkeeper, a new finance leader of an independent business, or advisor looking to speed up your delivery to clients through automation, Telemetry is ready to do the work for you.

> Click here to log in and build your first web plan on Telemetry
> Click here to learn more about how to build forecasts in Telemetry