December Release | Q&A Assistant w/ Artificial Intelligence

Now available in Telemetry:

Looking to better serve your team’s and clients in 2024?  We built our latest AI questions and answer destination to help you do just that.  Save time and power better data-driven decisions across your entire portfolio.

Q&A Assistant w/ Artificial Intelligence

Do your clients and internal teams constantly reach out for financial details?  Telemetry can help.  Every plan is now equipped with our new AI driven Q&A bot. This new P&L-based feature leverages artificial intelligence to quickly understand and answer your team’s most important questions.  Not only that, but the AI can visualize trends with instant charts and graphs, making the progress clearer to all.

What can you ask? P&L and financial transaction questions like…

  • What expenses increased last month?
  • How did I spend against my expense projections last month?
  • What were my top 5 suppliers last month?
  • Show me my cash flow over the last 6 months.
  • And many more…

Click below to start exploring your financials with our new assistant!

Pro Tips

Getting the most out of Telemetry

Financial Firm Branding
If you are using Telemetry to represent your financial firm to your clients, you can customize the display of Telemetry to include your company branding and important advisor contact info. To do that, simply click the settings in the client management console and edit your display settings.  Then make sure any of your employees have fully filled out their client profiles.!

Export Options
Our data tables can save you time with a simple export to Excel, CSV or PDF.  Our PDF formats come with optional display of summary text and branded logos so you can better represent the most important points to your teams and clients. Simply click the download icon above any table to start your data export.

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