Feb Release | Data Insights, Performance Improvements and More

Welcome to March from team Telemetry!

As February is closing out, here is your team’s yearly reminder that February has 10% fewer days in it. The MoM comparisons should look different! 

Although this last month was shorter, our team released more updates to Telemetry than ever before.  We greatly appreciate all your feedback which directly supports the growth of the platform. 

Telemetry Insights

Our new Insights destination was launched giving your finance team the superpower to answer any question from your ERP or HRIS data. This includes key features such as new downloadable charts and graphs, three statement reporting, and customer/vendor highlights.

Read more about it here.

Telemetry Insights

Monthly Insights Emails are now scheduled to arrive in your inbox the first and second week of each month.  At the start of each new month you’ll receive the “Telemetry Hit List” designed to provide initial insight to help you close out the month.  Telemetry will then send a “P&L Summary” email the second week of each month to capture your final income statement for the closed month. 

Quarterly and Yearly Data Views are also now available in Insights to help you more quickly calculate performance across new timeframes.

Quarterly and Yearly Views

Month-End Close Org Settings

Would you like Telemetry to display projected or actual values after a month has ended, but before you’ve closed? We can now do either automatically. By default, Telemetry will load actuals with a “Pending” display after the calendar month has finished. To remove the “Pending” display, simply publish actuals via your spreadsheet model into the plan.

Telemetry Admin Platform Settings

If instead you’d like Telemetry to show projections after the calendar month has finished, but before you’ve closed, you can now make that change in your organizational settings. To move the month to actuals, simply update and publish your spreadsheet model once ready.

Performance improvements
The whole platform was optimized to respond a bit snappier.

Pro TIp

Plan Drill Downs

Did you know that you can explore the specific vendors and customers behind your monthly actuals? Right click on the cells containing actuals and choose additional detail.

Data Drill Downs
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