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Jan Release | Google Sheets, QuickBooks Desktop and Much More

January 17, 2023
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Telemetry Google Sheets Extension

Available now in the Google Workspace Marketplace here. Our new Google Sheets integration works just like it does in Excel to power automation and analytics capabilities with Telemetry. 

The extension will enable any Telemetry user to connect their Google Sheet to the platform, sync the data continuously with their ERP, and collaborate on their plans and sub plans at  

Ready to give it a try? Simply install the Google Sheets add-on, authenticate with your Google account, and map your model. It’s all possible in minutes with our quick and intuitive onboarding.

Telemetry Google Sheets Add-on

New Integration: QuickBooks Desktop

The desktop accounting software package, QuickBooks Desktop, developed by Intuit, is now available for integration into your spreadsheets with Telemetry.  Many SMBs use QuickBooks desktop accounting software to accept business payments, pay bills, and manage payroll functions. Via Telemetry’s QuickBooks Desktop integration you can access, create, and manage your operating models in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

QuickBooks Desktop on Telemetry

Explore the Platform with Our New Demo Plan

For companies transitioning to a new operational model, we’ve now automated the creation of a sample forward-looking plan on the initial connection of your ERP to Telemetry.  This model can serve as a starting point for your exploration of Telemetry’s platform. You can also download the model to use as a starting point for building your own tailored operational plan.

To exit the demo mode, simply create and map your first plan.

Telemetry Demo Mode

We are always happy to help and advise any companies working through operational plan formats or send our recommended templates.  If you are ready to get started simply log in at, schedule an appointment here, or reach out to 

Expanded Sub Plan / Segment P&L Calculations

Telemetry already empowers every team in your organization with easily automated segmented financial targets, keeping your teams updated.  This month we added additional support to better segment target and variance reporting.  Want a quick view of the variances from your budget for teams?  Try Sub Plans today.

Telemetry Subplan

NetSuite Integration Improvements

Our NetSuite integration continues to grow. This month we’ve added support for tracking journal entries, meaning more details are available at your fingertips for exploration through Telemetry.

Netsuite Journal Entry

Start using Telemetry with your Free trial today. Sign up or log in here.

Our team is hard at work on our next release.  We always appreciate feedback to help guide us.  If you have a new feature request or improvement - let us know here!