January Release | Welcome to a Smarter and Faster Platform in 2024

Now available in Telemetry:

Welcome to 2024! As you start the year, are you planning for growth?  The end of the year brought optimizations to the Telemetry platform to help you work smarter and faster. Telemetry can save your company time and money the rest of the year. Redeploy that capital to more strategic services early this year to set yourself up for a strong 2024.Recent platform additions include:

AI ready to work faster and smarter for you

We’ve upgraded our AI service to work faster and include more detail around the transactions themselves. Use the Telemetry AI system to answer quick questions and explore data points using natural language.

Custom AI on Plans

Every one of your customized plans now includes built-in Q&A driven by AI. This is available to any of your customers or teams using a custom plan. Simply click the icon in the new right hand navigation and jump in.  You can turn off this feature any time using the global settings.

Platform Audit Events
Aligning teams often means ensuring shared information. How can you tell if your customers or team are using Telemetry to align on your finances?  Use our audit events. These can be found on any homepage or plan. Track engagement and help build stronger financial habits with Telemetry.

We’ve spent some time tuning our backend engine - resulting in improved speed of our data syncs.  Adding new clients or customers is faster than ever when connecting an ERP.

Telemetry Help Center

Our team has launched our new help center to better serve your and your teams. You can find the latest onboarding instructions as well as walk-throughs of the big features. All accompanied by both video and text. Bookmark https://docs.telemetry.fi/en/ for your future needs!

Pro Tips

Getting the most out of Telemetry

Tracking Custom KPIs
Does your business track leading indicators such as deal volume, manufacturing units, or user sessions? Any monthly data can be uploaded via your Excel models to report out to your team. Simply map the data using Telemetry’s spreadsheet add-in, then create your preferred visualization using our new chart builder!!

What a year!

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to every one of you that has used Telemetry over the past year.  We’ve received incredible feedback resulting in the platform today, ready to finally unlock finances for the masses. We would not be where we are today without the generous support of so many of you here.

Please keep the feedback coming.

Looking for a new feature or improvement that could make your financial management even easier?  Contact us any time using the support icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

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