Mar Release | Variance, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Reporting and More

Over the last month our team has continued to expand the Telemetry B.I. capabilities throughout the platform. These new capabilities add more time-savings to you and your team’s day when answering critical business questions. Read more about the new features and tips to help get started below.

Insights: Variance

Quickly comparing targets, budgets or projections to actuals has never been easier with our new variance tool launched within Telemetry Insights.  Change plans, periods or targets with a quick click. Then explore.

Insights Variance

Setting Comparison Targets: Now select a global comparison target within Insights. Data and charts will all update to provide elegant trends and insightful visualizations, reducing time-to-knowledge every time you use Telemetry. The feature will keep your most recent comparison selection as your default for any future use.

Comparison Targets


Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Reporting: Any plan created within Telemetry can now show Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements. This will make them available to any team members who have access to that plan. Ideal for executive leadership teams.

Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Reporting

Plan Settings & Preferences: With the new additions of Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements, we made sure that org admins retained control over what is accessible by their teams. To do that, we’ve launched a plan settings page for each plan. Here you can tailor which models, statements, charts and targets are available to your team.  All in a single place.

Plan Settings & Preferences


Help & Resources: We’ve also improved our onboarding process to instruct how to best connect your ERP, create your plan and ultimately start using Telemetry. If you haven't completed these steps yet, you can give the new experience a try here.

Pro Tips

Telemetry Staffed Onboarding
If you are looking at the best way to train your team, or need help building your first model in Telemetry, our team is always ready to help. Book time with us here to get started today.

Setting Plan Targets & Budgets
Setting targets for your plans will enable quick comparisons, new visualizations and instant variance analysis. You can create targets from any plan and any version within Telemetry.

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