May Release | Statement Customization, Ad-Hoc Timeframes, New Data Downloads & More

Happy May, and welcome to this month's Telemetry update! We've released a massive number of new features and enhancements to the platform over the last month. These new features are purpose-built to speed up your customization and syndication of financial data across your organization. Let us help prepare any new models, charts, graphs or scenarios. Here are a few hand-picked highlights from the last month of releases:

  • Balance sheet and cash flow statement spreadsheet mapping, customization and forecasting
  • New ERP sub classes available for plans
  • Custom timeframe comparisons for variance analysis
  • New data table downloads across the entire platform
  • Improved plan analytic customization and comparisons

Perform Variance Analysis w/ New Custom Periods

The variance analysis tool has always had a preset list of periods to select quickly. Now we've added the ability to select any month/quarter/year and compare to any other custom period. Read about how instant variance analysis can help your company >>

Download any data table as CSV or XLS

Telemetry works hard to make your data more accessible to your team. Now, any data table within the tool can be downloaded for your spreadsheets. Simply use the down arrow icon on any table including statements, reports, variance, sub plans and drill downs.

Create segmented plans (sub plans) with new subclasses in NetSuite

Telemetry enables you to create automated segmented plans already, but we've now added additional levels of dimensions, classes and locations you can access to do so.

Add, customize and forecast your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements

Balance sheet and cash flow forecasts can now be added via the Excel add-in. These new statement mappings will also enable customization across the platform. To do this, simply select balance sheet or cash flow from the connect tab in the Excel Add In.

Auto calculate EBITDA on any Operational Plan

Our calculations such as Net Income are added as a standard row and metric across all plans. Now you can add and customize EBITDA as one of these. To do this, simply go into the plan settings and turn on EBITDA. Customize the classification to adjust any included accounts.

Enhanced Plan Analytics Charts & Configurations

Enhancing analytics on our plan-specific destinations for your teams. You can also quickly edit and download any chart.

Use settings to configure your plan displays

With the new additions of the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements, we made sure the org admins retained control over what was accessible by their teams. To do that, we’ve launched a plan settings page with each plan. Here you can tailor which models, statements, charts and targets are available to your team. All in a single place.


Help & Resources: We’ve also improved our onboarding process to instruct how to best connect your ERP, create your plan and ultimately start using Telemetry. If you haven't completed these steps yet, you can give the new experience a try here.

Pro Tips

Setting Plan Targets & Budgets
Setting targets for your plans will enable quick comparisons, new visualizations and instant variance analysis. You can create targets from any plan and any version within Telemetry.

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