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As accounting, bookkeeping, or outsourced CFO firms of all sizes look to expand services and better serve their clients, many are asking: How? It starts with picking the right tools to grow your firm’s capabilities and competencies in the eyes of your clients.

Your firm may be focused on transactional work today.  This work will continue to serve as a critical foundation with your clients. Moving beyond bookkeeping though requires adopting new toolsets to equip your firm to keep up with the speed of your clients’ businesses.  Firms that can more quickly understand the business objectives and likely financial outcomes of their clients will better anticipate and advise their clients. This will reposition your firm as a trusted strategic advisor.  So what should you look for when evaluating your software toolset? Look for next generation capabilities in the software such as KPIs and dashboarding, budgeting, data analysis, plan management and automated insights.

Telemetry Pro was built to support strategic decision making, by first automating manual work associated with bookkeeping, and thereafter powering the evaluation and analysis of that data for faster time to knowledge.

Telemetry can help your firm save time and money by first:

  • Creating a 360 degree picture of client business by synthesizing data from QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, NetSuite, and Xero; 29 top HRIS systems; and critically, your existing Excel and Google Sheets models and budgets.  
  • Automating manual processes to keep data in sync across systems, allowing for on-demand data exploration and visualization, and budget vs actual variance analysis front and center.  
  • Segmenting a client’s financials – by department, team, project, location, or product – so that you can build personalized micro P&Ls for every team leader, empowering them to make better, data-informed decisions.
  • Through analytics in the web app, gaining valuable insights on how often clients interact with the system, allowing you to intervene at the right time if required to reduce client churn.

Then Telemetry can represent your firm with every interaction by:

  • Providing a fully firm-branded client portal with logo, color scheme, and personal contact info.
  • Replacing emailed PDFs and file exchanges with a self-service web destination.
  • Onboarding new clients in minutes with an easy and intuitive client management console.

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Build more client value in less time by automating data sync and higher value analysis, gain insights into how often clients interact with your work product, and communicate with them more efficiently. Build more effective and profitable relationships for you and your clients using Telemetry Pro.

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