Welcome to Telemetry. The easiest way to create, track, and collaborate on financial plans personalized for every stakeholder in your company.

Telemetry consolidates data from your ERP, HRIS, and Excel operating model to build a cohesive picture of your past and future results.  The Excel integration in particular allows you to keep your model updated with actuals from your ERP with just a single click.

The Telemetry web platform makes understanding, comparing, and sharing your financials easy.  It includes useful data features such as:

  1. Data drill down, giving you access to what Customers or Suppliers make up a number, 
  2. Headcount summaries, laying out your wage cost by employee, 
  3. Visualizations to flexibly summarize data, 
  4. and variance analysis.

Comparing your operating plan to your budget or any other scenario important for the company to track.  Any plan is securely shareable to any team member without the security and version control headaches involved in sending spreadsheets over email.

The platform also contains a full file repository and audit trail on each plan, so your team is always working off of the latest set of numbers and still retains the ability to re-download any historical version.

Finally, Telemetry allows you to easily create an unlimited number of segment P&Ls, bringing financial visibility to every stakeholder, allowing them to make better, data-driven decisions.   

With Telemetry:

  • Finance produces more strategic product with far greater efficiency
  • Operators make better, faster, more confident decisions 
  • The C-suite gets an objective view of the performance of each of its business components,
    and collectively,
  • You create a faster growing, more profitable company with participation from the whole organization

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