Telemetry Pro: Automation for CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Outsourced CFOs to Enhance Client Relationships

Introducing Telemetry Pro, the most powerful and affordable platform for financial automation specifically designed for CPAs, bookkeepers, and outsourced CFOs.  With Telemetry Pro, financial professionals can automate client workflow, streamline communication, and more efficiently guide clients from bookkeeping services to higher value FP&A advisory.

For too long, accounting and advisory firms have administered to their clients by bookkeeping in ERP and HRIS, exporting the results into Excel for ad hoc analysis, building custom reports, and finally emailing the results to the client in PDF or spreadsheets.  This manual process leads to more hours across more accounting professionals doing repetitive tasks by hand. The CPA becomes a bottleneck to answering questions when they arise, as they solely control the level of financial detail and analysis exposed to the client.  Clients are stuck in a reactive mindset, not a proactive one.

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From a client management perspective, too many hours are spent on the workflow itself, meaning less time for higher value creative analysis and insights.  Furthermore, the accounting firm has little visibility into how much value the client is receiving when files are simply emailed.The few dedicated client management software products in the market require the firm to migrate their planning away from spreadsheets and into a bespoke, unfamiliar cloud modeling tool leading to long migration times and high cost.

Welcome to Telemetry Pro

Telemetry Pro is the first client management solution built atop the workflow you already use.  Telemetry Pro:

  • Creates a 360 degree picture of client business by synthesizing data from QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, NetSuite, and Xero; 29 top HRIS systems; and critically, your existing Excel and Google Sheets models and budgets.
  • Automates manual processes to keep data in sync across systems, allows for on-demand data exploration and visualization, and puts budget vs actual variance analysis front and center.
  • Segments a client’s financials – by department, team, project, location, or product – so that you can build personalized micro P&Ls for every team leader, empowering them to make better, data-informed decisions.

Telemetry Pro will also ensure your firm stays top of mind with your clients as you quickly respond and create ad hoc solutions by:

  • Proving a client portal fully branded for your company with both logo and personal contact info
  • Removing the need for PDFs and file exchanges with a self-service web destination
  • Onboarding new clients in minutes with the easy and intuitive client management console
  • Simple subscription management keeps you in charge of pricing services to meet your clients wherever their business is at

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Client Management Console

Telemetry Pro provides all the tools you need to manage your firm’s brand identity, user permissions, and client subscriptions.  The client management console allows you to build your firm’s logo and color scheme directly into the client experience.  It also allows you to permission which of your employees have access to which clients, as well as managing and displaying their contact info and headshot.  Finally, it allows you to manage each client’s subscription, increasing or decreasing functionality depending on their needs at any point.

Fully Branded Client Destination

Telemetry results are shared via an intuitive firm-branded web app with no need to email PDFs or spreadsheets, allowing for consistent, on-demand access to financials and the ability for clients to explore data and answer questions independently.  Through analytics in the web app, the firm gains valuable insights on how often clients interact with the system, allowing you to intervene at the right time if required to reduce client churn.

Onboarding Clients in Minutes

Since we allow your models to stay in Excel, you can onboard and start using Telemetry Pro in minutes instead of weeks, and you maintain the flexibility and power of the systems you already know so well.  Rest easy knowing that Telemetry is Soc2 Type II certified.

Two Clients Free + Affordable Subscriptions

We offer two versions of Telemetry Pro: one for bookkeeping clients and a more robust one for FP&A.  As a professional accounting firm, you are able to onboard one client on each of the two SKUs for free forever.  After your first two free clients, you can add your other clients with affordable subscriptions starting at $84 per month for Bookkeeping and $339 per month for Advisor.  And pricing gets cheaper as you add more clients.

Enhance your Client Relationships with Telemetry Pro

Build more client value in less time by automating data sync and higher value analysis, gain insights into how often clients interact with your work product, and communicate with them more efficiently.  Build more effective and profitable relationships for you and your clients using Telemetry Pro.

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