Why use Telemetry FP&A platform for your organization? Why Now?

In short, Telemetry will save you and your company significant time at an industry leading affordable price. By using Telemetry financial teams can automate much of their workflow, allowing them to be more strategic and scalable in informing their company of budgets and results.

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How does Telemetry Do this?  

Telemetry was built with the same simplicity and focus of the best productivity tools in the industry, but focused on financial teams and their needs. Following leading examples, Telemetry transforms the role of software for financial teams in the following three ways:

  • Supercharge productivity - We take on the manual monthly work so your skilled team can focus on the analysis
  • Power Accountability - Teams make better decisions with access to financial plans specific to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Secure control - The control to manage data access, the security to keep you informed of every action.

How does Telemetry work?

Telemetry works by first creating a complete picture of your company's finances.  Pulling in historicals and other data points from our 30+ data integrations across ERPs and HRIS systems.  Then paints the picture of the desired future from your current operational models with our deep Excel and Google Sheets integrations.

Once the plan has been created, Telemetry will automate your updates and tracking.  Ensuring your team always has access to the right data at the right time.

As questions are raised, Telemetry will use its data foundation to help you find and visualize the answers needed to more quickly make decisions for your business. Features such as Insights, Drill downs, Analytics, Variance analysis and ongoing Data syncs will ensure your always prepared to answer the next critical question for your business.

Finally, Telemetry will grow collaboration within your organization, enabling the setup and automation of team financial plans and headcount tracking.  All lined up to measure against your existing budgets.  Our environment is built with security and control in mind, meaning your team will only have access to the numbers you want them to see.

Why Choose Telemetry?

We believe we’ve built the easiest and fastest FP&A platform in the market. But we realize there are many options to choose from.  We believe choosing Telemetry comes down to a couple key differentiators

Immediate Onboarding

All you need to get going with Telemetry is an administrative login to your ERP.  Data starts to flow immediately while we proactively surface insights that make running your business more efficient.  Forget multi-month onboarding with other tools – ours takes minutes.

Stay in Spreadsheets

Telemetry supports your existing workflow.  Native integrations with Excel and Google Sheets mean that you can keep your business model where it already lives, with no migration required.  You already have deep knowledge of the most powerful business planning tool available – the spreadsheet.  It would be a shame to lose the ability to use all those keyboard shortcuts you spent years learning…

SOC 2 Compliance

Because your finances are some of the most confidential data inside your company, Telemetry has gone the extra mile to ensure your data stays protected.  Telemetry is built with SOC 2 Type 2 compliant enterprise-grade security at its core. That means our systems and processes have been certified by an independent auditor as meeting or exceeding best practices in the industry.  

Transparent, Affordable Pricing; Free Trial

We are proud to make our software available for growing companies without breaking the bank.  We publish our pricing on our site so there are no surprises and offer one-click purchase to speed up your access to the service – no need to talk to a salesperson (unless you want to!).  Plus, with our 14 day free trial, you can use our product risk-free to ensure it’s the right fit before purchase.  Head over to https://www.telemetry.fi/ to get started for free today.

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